Latest Bag trends for girls to follow in 2022

LUXE BACKPACKS backpacks featuring luxe leathers and two-tone designs were enhanced with wearable neutral color palettes, ensuring that your rucksack can team with any look

FURRY TEXTURES From clutch bags to should bags, the textured, furry look is available in all bag guises this season

BOX BAGS the structured shape and luxe hardware make for a highly polished look and offer a fresh dimension to evening bags

GRAPHIC PRINTS The handbag trends have embraced geometric prints, worthy of any modern art gallery with quirky, angular print designs

PARTY BAG When it comes to the party bag trend, more is more..

SLOUCHY TOTE "Slouchy totes are a classic fall staple. These bags are big enough, which is ideal given temperamental weather.

PUFFY POUCH The pouch designs are pretty spacious considering their small stature