In the era of digitalization, people have started shifting their interest towards the online streaming of movies and TV shows. YoMovies is one such platform that has emerged as a popular choice for many people across the globe. It is an online streaming website that offers a wide variety of movies and TV series in … Read more


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Sexual Assault and Murder of Minor in Kolkata Triggers Protests and Vandalism of Police Vehicles

A tragic incident in Kolkata’s Tiljala area has sparked protests and unrest among the locals. A seven-year-old girl was allegedly sexually assaulted and killed by one of her neighbours, which has led to outrage against the state government and administration. The girl, a resident of Kustia’s Shri Dhar Roy Road, went missing on Sunday morning, … Read more

Texas 8th graders falling behind peers in other states, could lose $104 billion in future earnings

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Sidemen Clothing: The Official Merchandise of YouTube’s Biggest Group

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Top 10 smartphone cameras of 2023

smartphone cameras

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